Cookery School

Cookery School

Hartes of Kildare

Welcome to our Cookery School, from the very outset of Hartes in 2009 our guests have been asking us about our dishes and recipes, and just what makes our food stand out, it became a natural progression to hold our own cookery classes in the kitchen, so people could see where the food comes from before it arrives at their table.

Our School

Our Philosophy for the cookery school is the same as it is for the chefs we train day in day out in the kitchen, it is not to show you how to cook this and that, that’s the same as painting by numbers, but to open your minds to what you can do with the ingredients, create your own recipes, and to inspire you to throw out every old rule you had about what you should and shouldn’t do, and let your taste, smell and touch rule all.

We show you how to make bread, then let you run riot with the pantry to create your own. We show you how to make stocks, and let you see for yourself that once you master this, every sauce and soup you ever make in the future will not only taste incredible, but no one else will replicate it, because that stock is yours, not from a cube.

All of this is all well and good, but how do you manage all this with full time jobs, and a family taking up most of your time? well guess what, we have kids and jobs too, and we will show you how we manage.

We will show how to create four days worth of meals from the same 6 ingredients making 4 completely different dishes in 1 hour. We will show you how to make bulk stocks and soups and freeze them down into manageable sizes, that will last you a month all in a 1 hour time frame.

So you get to cook what you want, with no strict recipes you have to follow, cook meals for days in advance, all in our three hour classes, sound good?

Cookery School

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