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We offer an ever evolving selection of Irish and International Craft Beer including our very own Dew Drop Brewhouse selection.

The Dew Drop


Running pubs & restaurants is tough, has its ups & downs, high & lows, and when you have a light bulb moment, in my experience it needs to be fleshed out straight away. In 2015 with the upsurge in craft brewing & renewed interest in beer with flavour in Ireland, a moment of clarity drove us to the point we are now with 3 venues, more projects in the pipeline, and brewing our own small batch beer for our customers. It has taken much time, investment and sleepless night to get to the point of “The Dew Drop Brewhouse”. Whatever way to describe it, cuckoo brewing, gypsy brewing or contract brewing, we have been doing it for 7 years now, resulting in 3 core products we are very happy with. Its time now shortly to stand on our own two feet. Our aim will be to keep our core going seasonal batches and one off beers added throughout the year. A brew school for all the budding brewers will be on the cards too.

Watch this space for more hoppy goodness!!!!! - The Brewhouse Team

Dewdrop Brewhouse

Bushwacked Irish Red Ale

A traditional Irish red ale, with caramel & chocolate notes, backed up with the roasted barley for punch. Full bodied and with fruity tones.

Hops: First Gold, Malt: Pale, crystal, roasted barley, chocolate & wheat malt. Our 2nd beer is a classic Irish Red Ale full of caramel malt, and roasted notes. It is very sessionable at 4.2% ABV



Dewdrop Brewhouse

'96 Oatmeal Pale Ale

So we have a straw colour, notable hop aroma, fluffy white head nice mouthfeel. Great tropical & grapefruit notes, but a nice bitterness to finish. Quiet effervescent & fresh.

Named after the Wexford All Ireland winning team of 1996, this full & flavoursome pale ale using Aurora & Ella Hops, 4 types of malt including rolled oats, giving it the style. It is an unfiltered beer and carries an ABV of 4.8%. Using the Aurora to bitter & Ella for flavour & aroma, we dumped 4kg of Ella in the “dry hop” to bring out even more aroma.


Dewdrop Brewhouse

Hell Hath No Fury Helles Lager

Very simple but yet tasty munich style helles. Light and crisp, Full of flavour, nice malt character with mild hop presence from the Aurora.

Our Helles style Lager is made the traditional way and is lagered for 3 weeks, which means storing the beer in cold temperatures to condition & clear the beer. The result is a crisp, biscuity, effervescent lager with just the right amount of hops and a very simple malt bill of pilsner & munich malt. We have used Slovenian hop “Aurora” in our lager instead of the traditional German hops, just give it a slightly different hop profile. It comes in at 4.2% ABV. Hope you enjoy.

Dewdrop Brewhouse

Big Brown Bear Brown Ale

Eating and drinking in this full bodied American style brown ale. Full of chocolate malt and 2kg of Java Republic coffee beans to add a finishing bitterness and flavour.

Our 3rd beer is a brown ale with a twist. Its like breakfast & dessert. We added rolled oats, chocolate malt and over 2kg of Java Republic Coffee beans to this brew, so you end up with delicious dark ale with lots of sweet chocolate notes but balanced with the bitter coffee. Our fave it is!! Sessionable at 4.5% ABV


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