Craft on Draught

Craft on Draught

Craft on Draught*

Dew Drop Brewing Co. “ ‘96” Oatmeal Pale Ale

Brewed in: Kill, Co. Kildare

This is our own beer, which we brewed with the help of our friends at Trouble Brewing. A full & flavoursome pale ale using Target & Ella Hops, 6 types of malt including Rolled Oats, giving it the style. It is an unfiltered beer and carries an ABV of 4.8%. Watch this space for more beers in the future!!

Trouble Brewing Deception Ale   

Brewed in: Kill, Co. Kildare

Deception Golden Ale with its wonderful combination of subtle ale flavours with the crispness and mouth-feel of a lager but with great malt and hop balance. Great introduction to craft beer!! It carries an ABV 4.

Metalman IPA

Brewed in: Co. Waterford

American style pale ale, dark gold in colour with a delicate white head. Citrus and floral aromas lead into hop flavours characterised by grapefruit and mandarin produced by American hops. A dry bitter finish makes this enjoyable and refreshing beer. It carries an ABV of 4.3%                         

Wicklow Wolf American Amber Ale

Brewed in Co. Wicklow

This hoppy American style red ale, is full bodied malty ale with beautiful caramel and toffee notes, with a fruity hop nose and well balanced finish ABV 5%

Franciscan Well Rebel Red Ale      

Brewed in Co. Cork

Malt-driven red ale, balanced by bitter hops that give it a well-rounded taste. ABV 4.3%

Franciscan Well Friars Weiss

Brewed in Co. Cork

A German style unfiltered wheat beer with citrus notes on the palate and powerful aroma of clove and banana, imparted by a unique yeast strain. 4.7% abv.

8° Brewing Co. Rotation tap

Brewed in Co. Cork

The Kiwi guys in Cork are one of the most prolific brewers at the moment, and have many styles in their portfolio, with their award winning single hop seasonal pale ales. Check what’s on!!    

Blue Moon

Brewed in: USA

This classic Blonde style ale is infused with coriander & orange, served with orange slice           

We also stock some bottled craft beers, please ask your server

And Remember,

“We aim to bring you the best beers, not the cheapest”

*all beers contain malted barley