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Pigs on the green

Pigs on the Green is an Offaly based free range pork producer. A family run operation, Fergus & Sandra Dunne are based on their farm in Tullamore and produce the finest pork & bacon you can buy.

Having been gifted with three Tamworth sows, soon there were twenty five, Fergus and Sandra decided to get test the market for free range pork. The feedback was excellent, and the business began.

They supply some of the finest restaurants and stores with Their premium range of pork products. We produce breakfast and dinner sausages, dry cured bacon and pork cuts.

We use Fergus’s pork belly in our confit pork dish, served with poached egg, barley and ale risotto, his pork is in our opinion un-paralleled.

Their family farm is home to 50 pigs which openly run freely every day.

Wrights of Marino

Wrights have been supplying fresh seafood in Malahide since 1904, and later spread to 3 shops including their current shop in Marino, they are renowned as one of Irelands leading fishmongers, we receive deliveries of fresh fish Daily.

In dishes such as monkfish with coconut and lime curry, scallops and our staple fish and chips we use their fresh Hake, Hake has a much meatier texture than cod which would be more flaky, we find this gives our fish and chips an edge.

Cashel Blue

The story of Cashel Blue and Beechmount farm goes back to the 19th century, when the Grubb family, a Quaker family living in the south-east of Ireland, owned and ran several successful mills in counties Tipperary and Waterford. To this day there is a “Grubb Lane”, by the Westgate in the town of Clonmel.

Currently we use Crozier blue, which is the same process as cow’s milk blue cheese only made with sheep’s milk, and we use it in our famous Blue cheese béarnaise, the saltiness of the cheese and slight tart note marry well with the chargrilled flavour of our steaks.

Rooneys Fruit & Veg

In 1974 John Rooney set up a Veg round (Rooney Veg. Wholesale) delivering Fruit and Veg to local shops, restaurants etc…

Over the next few years the business grew and grew and in 1998 the business moved from being a veg round to a Wholesale fruit and veg distribution company called Rooney Catering The new company was based in Kildare town and started growing & preparing potatoes and veg in their own factory.

Ross sends us a specials list almost daily with stock that he has picked, such as wild garlic, heritage carrots, and each year we can’t wait for his new season potatoes.


Toons Bridge Dairy work with raw cow and sheep milk to make over 12 varieties of cheese. They specialise in Southern Mediterranean cheese styles, particularly pasta filata or stretched curd cheeses. We made Mozzarella, Ricotta, Burrata, Cacio Cavallo, Halloumi, Smoked Scamorza and Cultured Butter.

Head cheese maker, Franco Picciuolo, hails from the heartland of mozzarella production, and has been making pasta filata cheese since he was eleven. His innovation and experimentation are key to the range of cheeses made by Toons Bridge Dairy.
They set up Toons Bridge Dairy in 2009 when they asked their neighbour to import a herd of Buffalo from Italy to milk on his farm. They have since diversified into working solely with local raw cow and sheep milk.

We use his Halloumi cheese, which we bread crumb and fry, and serve with a morrocan style chickpea curry, along with yoghurt from killowen farm, an ethnic dish with an irish core

Skeaghanore Duck

Eugene & Helena Hickey’s fresh farm ducks are hand reared near Ballydehob, West Cork, overlooking roaring water bay. Their fuller flavour and succulent taste comes from being hand reared longer and being fed a 100% natural cereal-based diet.

Their geese have plenty of space to roam and take in the fresh Atlantic air from the West Cork coastline. Some of the best duck we have ever tasted. We confit the legs, and make into duck wellingtons, wrapped in puff pastry and served with redcurrant jus with sweet potato and cumin puree or serve the breasts cured, sliced with wasabi and soy glaze.

Goatsbridge Trout

The Story of Goatsbridge begins over 800 years ago back in 1180, when the Monks of Jerpoint Abbey near Thomastown, Co Kilkenny fished in the fast flowing waters of The Little Arrigle River in the heart of The Nore Valley. In 1961 this river gave life to the creation of our first fish ponds; running through our lands it now forms the heart of one of Irelands best known trout farms.

In 1990 the second generation of family Mag and Ger Kerwin continued to develop the farm and in 2010 a state of the art processing and packaging facility was added to the farm to further ensure the quality of the trout produced on the farm.

Kanturk Black Pudding

McCarthys Butchers of Kanturk use traditional techniques and innovative new ideas and have become one of Ireland’s most prominent and celebrated meat producers.Jack and his son, Tim McCarthy, the fifth generation of butcher in the family to run the shop, are well known for their value-added beef and pork products. The McCarthys bacon and rashers have won international awards and the blackpudding has received acclaim from the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Blackpudding and was even served to the queen at the banquet on her visit to Ireland in 2011.

We use their pudding in our black pudding and ham hock hash, served with poached egg, a breakfast or a starter? Your decide!

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